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Will the Cigarette Ban in Britain Force Bingo Players On to the Web?

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A lot has been reported in the papers recently about the bingo industry singing the blues because of the smoking ban in Britain. Conditions have grown so awful that in Scotland the Bingo industry has demanded huge tax breaks to help keep the businesses from going bankrupt. However will the web variation of this traditional game provide a lifeline, or will it not compare to its bricks and mortar equivalent?

Bingo is an familiar game generally played by the "blue rinse" generation. However the game of late had witnessed a recent comeback in popularity with younger men and women opting to go to the bingo parlors rather than the clubs on a weekend. All this is about to change with the legislating of the smoking ban around United Kingdom.

No longer will gamblers be allowed to smoke at the same time marking numbers. From the summer of '07 every public location will not be allowed to permit smoking in their buildings and this includes Bingo parlours, one of the most favored areas where players like to puff on cigarettes.

The effects of the smoking ban can already be observed in Scotland where smoking is already banned in the bingo halls. Numbers have plunged and the industry is literally struggling for its life. But where did the players go? Obviously they have not given up on this enduring game?

The answer is online. Players realize that they can bet on bingo from their computer while enjoying a cocktail and smoke and still have a chance at huge jackpots. This is a recent phenomenon and has timed itself bordering on perfect with the anti cigarette law.

Of course gambling on on the web is unlikely to replace the communal portion of heading down to the bingo hall, but for a group of people the law has left a good many bingo enthusiasts with little choice.

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