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Might the Cigarette Ban in Britain Take Bingo Enthusiasts On to the Web?

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An abundance has been written in the papers not long ago about the bingo industry being hurt as a consequence of the anti smoking law in the UK. Conditions have become so awful that in Scotland the Bingo industry has requested huge aid to assist in keeping the industry afloat. However will the net variation of this traditional game present a reprieve, or will it never compare to its bricks and mortar equivalent?

Bingo has been an familiar game normally played by the "blue haired" generation. However the game of late had seen a recent resurgence in acceptance with younger members of society deciding to go to the bingo halls rather than the bars on a Friday night. This is all about to change with the enacting of the smoking ban around Britain.

No more will players be permitted to smoke whilst marking numbers. From the summer of '07 all public areas will no longer be allowed to permit smoking in their locations and this includes Bingo parlours, one of the most favored locations where people enjoy smoking.

The effects of the anti smoking law can already be looked at in Scotland where smoking is already banned in the bingo parlours. Numbers have plunged and the business is absolutely fighting for its life. But where have all the players gone? Obviously they have not forgotten this classic game?

The answer is on the web. People realise that they can wager on bingo in front of their computer whilst enjoying a beer and cigarette and in the end, enjoy big jackpots. This is a recent development and has happened just about perfectly with the anti cigarette law.

Of course gambling on on the web is unlikely to replace the communal aspect of heading over to the bingo hall, but for a demographic of players the law has left a lot of bingo enthusiasts with little alternative.

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