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Can the Anti Cigarette Law in the United Kingdom Drive Bingo Players On to the Internet?

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Much has been reported in the press just a while ago concerning the bingo industry being hit because of the anti cigarette law in Britain. Conditions have become so bad that in Scotland the Bingo industry has asked for huge tax breaks to assist in keeping the industry alive. But does the online version of this quintessential game present a lifeline, or will it never compare to its real life equivalent?

Bingo has been an ancient game normally played by the "blue haired" generation. For all that the game lately had seen a recent return in acceptance with younger men and women deciding to visit the bingo parlors in place of the discos on a Saturday night. This is all about to get flipped on its head with the enforcement of the anti cigarette law around United Kingdom.

Players will no longer be allowed to smoke at the same time dabbing numbers. Starting in the summer of '07 every public place will not be allowed to permit cigarettes in their locations and this includes Bingo parlors, one of the most popular areas where players enjoy smoking.

The results of the anti smoking law can already be seen in Scotland where smoking is already barred in the bingo parlours. Players have plunged and the business is literally fighting for its life. But where did all the players go? Certainly they have not abandoned this established game?

The answer is on the web. Players are now realizing that they can play bingo in front of their computer whilst enjoying a cocktail and cigarette and in the end, enjoy monstrous cash rewards. This is a recent anomaly and has happened bordering on perfect with the ban on smoking.

Of course gambling on on the net will never replace the collective portion of heading over to the bingo parlour, but for a demographic of players the law has left a number of bingo players with no option.

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